• Frank posted an update 4 months ago

    Are The Company Cell Phone’s Being Used For Business ONLY?

    Phone usage bills can easily get out of control when not monitored. Make sure that the phone calls, emails, and text messages sent and received by your employees are NOT for personal use… that they are for business purposes ONLY. With the real time GPS locator, you can even tell where they are during, which is very useful especially during office hours.

    Is There A Way To Reliably Back Up The Information On My Smart Phone? Here’s a quick and straight to the point answer: YES! You see, cell phone spying software isn’t just for recording logs. They also store those records text messages, phone calls, emails, location, direction, and time stamps, in an https secure account, which only you can access!

    This is what’s REALLY cool about cell phone tracking apps. They spy as they are supposed to, and they do a good job of storing that information. Not to mention you can easily export those bits and pieces of essential info to your database without breaking any sweat.